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11:07pm 10-30-2020
Guy Rocketram
Wow, this is a neat website.
having a lot of un browsing neocities today.
keep up the good work! love weird retro nintendo archive stuff like this.
1:28am 09-11-2020
3:25pm 08-24-2020

just found this dutch version of the club nintendo classic magazine issue 1

Replied on: 2:55pm 12-15-2020

Always fun to see other versions of Club Nintendo.

9:19pm 08-15-2020
cool website
3:12pm 07-23-2020
Bill Mitchell
Heyo, this is the webmaster's fiance. I want to say thanks, not to the webmaster, but to the rest of you guys. You are all real mvps, and its because of your love and support that CNA continues to thrive.

Thank you from both of us <3
7:24pm 07-19-2020
Thanks so much for visiting my site! Love that you have this great archive of Club Nintendo on your website. "Join the Nintendo Fun Club today Mac!" Nice to see how things were across the Atlantic. Keep up the great work!

9:29pm 07-06-2020
Great site! :-) I should get a guestbook onto my site too!
9:26pm 07-06-2020
i havn't signed a guest book on a website in 20 years. thank you from the bottom of my soul
Replied on: 2:15pm 07-23-2020

You're very welcome.

12:38am 06-17-2020
This retro style of website design is the only way I can enjoy something like an archive of Club Nintendo issues.
Replied on: 2:19pm 07-23-2020

Thank you. Glad you like the design.

4:18am 06-05-2020
Bob LAnders
I miss the old days
Replied on: 2:55pm 06-12-2020

Seems like a lot of people do, given the current interest in retro games. I hope the site gives you a chance to reminisce, if nothing else.

3:51pm 05-27-2020
Guess what?
I found a cbz file of Club Nintendo issue 1, and converted it to a pdf file for your viewing pleasure: https://pipe.miroware.io/5dfcc33bb6cc6e75d075555c/Club%20Nintendo%20Volume%201%20Issue%201%20-%201989%20(UK)%20(Max-Rez%20version).pdf
Replied on: 2:52pm 06-12-2020

Thank you very much! I have updated the site with the information provided here.

Hope you continue to enjoy the site.

4:00pm 04-29-2020
Test Person
3:31pm 04-04-2020
I love your website and I particularly love the Vol. 5 Issue 3 edition because Super Mario World and A Link To The Past are the greatest games of all time imo.
Replied on: 3:15pm 04-11-2020

Nice choices, there. Can't go wrong with a dose of SNES goodness.

11:37pm 03-12-2020
Cool website ! i love it :-)
7:47pm 03-12-2020
mia thats a spicy meatball
Replied on: 3:13pm 04-11-2020

Try not to burn yourself! We don't want anyone being sent to Koopa-Kasualty here.

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